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For all the latest information and news about Peninsula FC.

Please find below a copy of the clubs code of conduct for all legal carers and players that MUST be adhered to.  We are a Charter Standard Club and our games may be attended by oficials from Cheshire FA without us knowing to ensure we are adhering to the FA Respect Campaign.

Code of Conduct Legal Carer



With the new football season quickly approaching, we will be hoping for the continued success and healthy numbers for each team.

For all new AND returning members, we have made the club’s registration form now available for managers to download on-line.

Club Membership form 13-14 Full version


Peninsula FC meet England and Former Chelsea Legend Ray Wilkins at the Myskillz event.


Carl, Neil, Dean, Claire and Ashleigh all attended an in service event called ‘Myskillz’ at Liverpool County FA on 12/09 which saw them meet former England captain and Sky Sports pundit Ray Wilkins.  For more info about Myskillz visit www.myskillz.co.uk



 December 2011 Newsletter




The committee will meet every third Wednesday every month.


All meetings will be held at the ‘Misty Blue’, Manor Road.

The Misty Blue membership costs £20 which gives members access to the clubs Bar/ Snooker/ Pool/ Darts and Sky Sports facilities.