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Rockets 3 - Wirral Rangers 0

Good start by the boys positional play requires tightening up but great to see the boys finally competing and getting some goals.

Stars 7 - Galaxies 0

A slow hard start for the boys with Galaxies competing equally but once the boys found their football boots we were allowed to knock it about and become more confidant and the goals came from some great football….good start.

Rockets 0 – Spartans 10

Firstly well done Rockets, The attitude of the guys at this game was fantastic. They knew it would be a very hard game and they showed brilliant resilience in getting back on with the game after each goal.You will see some sides just give up but our boys kept on pushing and closing down especially when Spartans wanted to spray passes around at the back.A couple of tackles from Spartans showed how much they were competing with us as they did get a little annoyed at us not offering up easily (Tom got clattered for it). They may have got the goals but it was not as easy as they liked it.Harry had lots of exercise in the goal and made some great saves to keep the score-line even lower (man of the match performance).Alex, Will and James kept on tracking players and were honestly not beaten by pure individual genius as most of their goals came from long range shooting and bullying the ball. They are a big, strong side with some good footballers but they never beat us in a one on one situation.Josh, Owen and Dillon all played there part in tracking and pushing them to make backward passes to keep control.The thing that impressed myself and Brian the most was that the boys did not get upset or downhearted at the end of the game, you will see many sides that do.It is always about managing their expectations clearly and they responded magnificently. We face another good skilful side next week however the physical aspect will be much less so lets see if we can cause an upset.Thanks very much to the Stars boys for filling in as we were a little short.We still need more players for the Rockets squad!

Stars 11 – Manor FC 1

What a performance.  The football was brilliant, the passing and movement was excellent, and the whole squad played really well as a unit.

The most pleasing about the performance was how hard everyone worked as a team to win that ball back and how well they played football from the back right up to the front.  Front the tricky skills of Ewan, Tom and Ant, the strong powerful runs of Alistair and Bradley, the brilliant tackling and passing of Finn, Josh and Daniel and a fine save even at the end from Callum who had to stay concentrating all through the game, the whole team was excellent.

As for the goals, Alastair scored three fine strikes, Anthony’s goals were all well-taken finishes, Tom and Ewan’s goals were full of individual brilliance and Finn scored a fox-in-the-box goal that was his first goal and it won’t be his last.  Brad’s running never stopped and was unlucky not to score from a long-range effort.  Special mention to Dan and Josh, who are totally invaluable to the team in the way they work and cover when the play breaks down, winning the ball back and then always playing the right pass to create another opportunity.  Dan was also unlucky not to get on the score sheet with two shots from outside the area.

Well done, a lot to be proud of here, keep working hard improving your own game and skills, and most of all keep working hard for each other. The harder you guys work, the better you will become.  Brilliant!

Rockets 0 - Ashville 7

Again the boys worked hard but a couple of poor clearances cost us dearly today.A few more move arounds are still needed until the balance starts to look right.Next week will be another tough one as we play Greenleas so we will work hard on defending set pieces and linking up play.Remember most players/teams have been playing for 3 yrs so hang in there.That’s one of the things that is impressing me and Brian at the moment…….. the guys resilience.

Stars 1 – Greenleas 0

Well the boys started well and a brilliant short corner by Ant passing the ball to Tom who hit a tremendous shot into the top corner of the goal got us ahead.Second half was a real grind they looked good on their right but we held on and grinded out the result. Dont forget Alistair was unlucky at being fouled twice whilst runing in on goal. We will get back to OUR football next time which is our strength and not just stopping the opposition. A few tweaks for the return game and we will improve the next time we meet…. looking forward to it.