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Peninsula Lions Match Reports

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Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Panthers U12’s

League Championship Play Off

Peninsula Lions 4-1 West Kirby Panthers

When this team was put together two seasons ago to play in the Ellesmere Port League If someone had of told me, in your first season you will claim runners up in the league by means of a play off, in your second season you will, become league champions, win the knock out cup, be losing finalists in the Wirral FA Cup  and semi-finalists in the league cup I’d of said, “in your dreams mate”, only teams who have been together for years can do that I would have thought, not so, and how wrong can you be.

I’d say we probably came into this play off the underdogs, Panthers being favourite given our previous couple of encounters, I said, “what’s the worst that can happen” we come runners up, and I’d be very happy, so no pressure, the lads played their game with the exact frame of mind, the pressure was on Panthers to win this game and that told in an uncharacteristic performance.

Panthers our nemesis had done extremely well to catch up over the weeks having the games in hand and having to win them, we had ended our season on 46 points so this was their benchmark and they managed it beating us twice in the league in very tight games, we can always say “what if, if we had” but we are where we are and that’s it, we can also say we’ve have had quality players missing on occasion, but you just have to get on with it.  On the face of it no sport other than football would appear to have a greater capacity for fanciful excuses for defeat, tired players, sick players, poor decisions, games you should have won…………………………….

For some of our lads it was their fourth game in five days, three of them being finals, that’s what I call commitment and they deserve a pat on the back for showing determination, courage, spirit and a great show of fitness.

Getting that early goal can sometimes be a godsend, it can have the effect of settling your own players, boosting their confidence and giving your opponents a kick where it hurts, so Fumpa duly obliged very early in the first half, a one on one with the defender who couldn’t match Fumpa’s pace and a well taken goal, 1-0.

Brad adding to the score-line just before halftime with a stunning hook over the defence and the keeper to make it 2-0 at HT, happy faces all round, I think the boys could sense it was going to be their day.

Panthers came into the second half with a bit more gusto and looked very dangerous at times, but our defence stood firm, and the boys in midfield were winning the battle, Danny was to add our third to emphasise a Peninsula win was on the cards.  Seemingly to have taken our foot of the gas a little Panthers hit back with a well struck goal from near the 18yrd line 3-1, this spurred the boys on again and minutes later a well worked move saw Fumpa beat the defender a cross the ball into the 6yrd box, the keeper wrong footed left Danny to tap in side foot, 4-1. FT.

Wild scenes of jubilation followed from the line, men running around in mad T shirts saying “it was never in doubt”  Peninsula Lions had just become league champions 2012/2013 and where deserved winners beating an excellent Panthers side who have nothing to prove in the footballing sphere, but now there’s a new kid on the block.  A massive well done to Stuey, JP and not forgetting the boys themselves, your parents, friends and management are proud as punch of you today everyone played outstandingly well.

Everyone MOTM.

Yours The Admin Manager


 Peninsula Lions U12’s V Heath Rangers U12’s

Peninsula Lions 3-1 Heath Rangers

Ellesmere Port Knock Out Cup Final


Tonight the boys lifted the oldest cup in the league, the Ellesmere Port Knock Out Cup with a superb display of football, completely dominating a decent Heath side in the full 60mins played, don’t forget we had to beat two top sides to get into the final so expectations were high, and we weren’t let down.

A lovely night for a game of footy, 2 linesmen and a referee got the game underway just after 6.30pm and straightaway there was an air of determination, it was one way traffic from the start with Tom coming close after 1min with a shot on the edge of the 18yrd box just going wide, as with other games against Heath they always come to give you a game and tonight they did but where beaten to every ball, a move from our back four pumped the ball out to the right were tom collected, a perfect ball through the two centre backs found Fumpa, good strength on the ball saw Fumpa lash the ball past the keeper to the left-hand side, 1-0, 9mins.

Conceding so early (as we well know) seemed to put Heath on the back foot, it certainly seemed to knock their confidence because for the next 15mins we were camped in their half, umpteen chances in front of goal went begging with massive scrambles in the Heath box, hitting the post twice, how the ball stayed out of the net I’ll never know, we should have been 4-0 up by now. Tom off with a slight knock saw Alex on, a free kick was awarded just outside the 18yrd box and Alex was to take, he planted it straight into the top corner, great free kick 2-0 on 25mins. 3mins later Alex never shy of throwing himself in anybody’s way, after a good run crossed the defender in the box drawing a foul, Penalty on 28mins, Sean to take, a well struck penalty that wouldn’t have been saved by an adult goal keeper, no nerves there, 3-0. HT

Second half was very like the first but Heath had tightened up a little at the back, but the boys still remained on top winning nearly all the aerial balls and dominating the midfield, Heath struck back with a consolation goal at 55mins but the boys were so much on top it hardly bothered them, all credit to Heath they usually lose the head when under severe pressure but played on gamely tonight but it was a lost cause with the boys running out easy 3-1 winners.

Tonight everybody had their part to play in a well-deserved victory and all performed admirably, let’s take the confident mood and go into Saturdays match with a winning attitude.

MOTM the whole team




 Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Wasps Black U12’s

Peninsula Lions 0-3 West Kirby Wasps Black

Wirral Cup Final

Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, but yesterday the defeat really hurt, but who did it hurt the most I ask myself, the lads clapped and applauded the winners, West Kirby Wasps, after the game we all went and enjoyed a sociable drink together, again the lads looked as if they’d won?? I think us as adults are more gutted than the lads, and we say, “We wanted for the lads” if truth be known, we wanted it, I know I did!!! My thoughts are varied on why we lost yesterday, everyone has their own theories why, but we were beaten by a team who played better football on the day, not because their better than us, just simple fact.

Take nothing away from Wasps they deserved the crown yesterday, but they must have been puzzled why and how they beat us so easily, did the big day and the pressure really get to the lads? Did the last five consecutive games, one versus Wasps, four versus Panthers take it out of the boys, as each game was played like a cup final, dogged, hard fought games two of which brought on extra time, the last five weeks can’t have been easy for the lads, yet we will dissect the game and try and see where they went wrong, are we asking too much of them, and its only our second season together, Stuey and JP have achieved so much with this team, many managers would love to be in their boots at this moment in time, the (holy grail) league championship still within our grasp, the KO Cup final to be won, losing finalists in the Wirral FA Cup , league runners up last season, all not to be sniffed at. We haven’t become a poor team overnight, the qualities, the individual attributes the lads have are still there and will shine through again so let’s forget yesterday, its history, its gone, and concentrate on the future, you can’t change the past but you can alter the future, so let’s get behind the lads and give them tons of encouragement for the last two games we have left of the 2013 season.

Yours the Admin Manager.

No MOTM yesterday, because they were all bloody awful, LOL



Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Panthers U12’s

Semi Final League Cup.

Peninsula Lions 0-2 AET. West Kirby Panthers

Another game against West Kirby Panthers, this time the semi-final for the league cup, Panthers running out eventual winners after extra time added.

Not a lot to say really about this game, first and second half both teams cancelling each other out as per previous meetings, both having their chances, some excellent defending from both sides with great clearances when required,  some good attacking chances , but also some very good chances squandered that’s where we went wrong today.  Any mistake by the opposition must be punished, you might not get that chance again and it will always come back to bite you on the bum, this game should have been wrapped up in normal time.

Nothing seemed to fall right for us today, a certain goal cleared off the line by a defender, multiple chances in the 6yrd box but to no avail, the ball just wouldn’t go for us today, credit to Panthers also, they hit the post twice with good efforts, but after 60mins stalemate 0-0 FT.

Extra time, 10mins each way to follow and we started a bit slowly allowing Panthers to dictate the play, some poor play at the back saw the ball cleared out to our keepers right after a goal mouth scramble, seized upon by a Panthers player it was driven forcefully right through the players at an acute angle giving Joe no chance of making clean contact but instead flying in under his body, 0-1.

The second goal came in the last 10mins of extra time, again our defending let us down allowing Panthers to score from a throw in, the lads had battled and given their all and to be honest there’s not much more we could have asked from them today, all the attributes that make you a exceptional team were there in varying quantities, it’s just getting that balance right and having the belief and confidence that you are unstoppable.

Last week we won a semi, this week we were beaten in a semi, that’s life, that’s football, we owe ourselves a pat on the back this season, the fight for (holy grail) the league championship is still to do, the final of the KO Cup is still to do, the Wirral & District cup final tomorrow awaits, in our second season together???? Not bad for a bunch of lads from the Wallasey league, hmmmm where did I hear that before, LOL.  Quote of the day, show class, have pride, and display character, If you do, winning takes care of itself.

Let’s get over todays disappointment and turn our efforts into winning tomorrow, we have an excellent work ethic and battling spirit which nobody can break and will surely see you through to victory in the Wirral cup final, hold your heads high its yours for the taking, remember It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

Yours the Admin Manager.

MOTM PL Luke Hutchinson


Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Panthers U12’s

Semi Final KO Cup.

Peninsula Lions 3-2 West Kirby Panthers

Today the Lions battled to land themselves in the final of the KO cup by beating West Kirby Panthers, a game which saw the lads run out 3-2 winners AET. And  by the way just to mention we had certain key players out through illness but I wouldn’t use that as any excuse if we had been beaten or the wind or the breeze or the slope or the ref or tiring players or playing 15 games in three days, etc etc the list goes on, sour grapes, sour grapes. In last weeks match report I mentioned the law of averages, was I right.

A game won plainly and simply on guts, determination, spirit (not the ref giving us the game as would be said in our rivals match report) and a compelling desire to win, with some tactical and positional changes today the lads started on the front foot taking the game to Panthers and probably having the best of the opening exchanges, as with the last two meetings between these sides free flowing football was never going to be the case, both sides not giving an inch, closing each other down as soon as they got the ball, both sides putting in crunching tackles, this game would be won by either team making a mistake and being punished for it.

Early days, 9mins in and Panthers were awarded a free kick some 30+yrds out, driven in with plenty of pace on the ball probably the smallest player on the pitch got a glancing header on it, where was the challenge, who was marking him, poor defending by the boys, 0-1. The battle raged on, Brad making himself known in midfield with some really strong challenges, putting your body on the line for your team was drilled into the boys before the start, and that’s what was happening, Luke Hutchinson playing right back was immense, every header, every clearance perfectly done, Ellis in midfield working to win the ball constantly, Alex on the right flying up and down, even though we were 0-1 down we were still happy with the boys performance in the first half, 0-1 HT.

Second half, sucker punch, ball over the top, the bouncing ball getting the better of the defending back four, there was a blatent hand ball by the panther’s player seen by everyone but not the ref!!  Yet again another decision not gained, 0-2 on 34mins. All through this game the lads where constantly getting the push in the back routine and getting nothing for it, what I do as part of my stats is count the number of decisions for and against and by this time out of 14 decisions we had taken 5, thats hard to swallow, but according to our rivals match report we got everything, was he watching the same game, me thinks not.

One thing I can say is when we are down, the heads don’t go down, and we would not be punished again in this game, each and every time Fumpa got the ball the defenders seemed uncomfortable and panicky trying to deal with him, this led to Fumpa being taken out in the area on a run toward goal, a nailed on penalty on 40mins, up stepped Ellis, I admire any lad who takes a penalty, it must be nerve racking especially in such a highly charged game and being 0-2 down, well done Ellis and well done planting it firmly in the bottom left corner, hard luck to the keeper who did go the right way but there was too much power on the shot, 1-2.

It was at this point the lads now needed to dig deep, to find the strength to push on against a side who were repelling everything we threw at them, again we were taking the game to Panthers constantly looking for that opening and also trying to defend when Panthers broke, the back four Kirko, Liam, Zak and Luke finding it difficult dealing with the horrible bounce but mainly doing well clearing the ball back into midfield, where Panthers small central midfielder kept hitting the deck with the slightest nudge, strange??

With 5mins to go the ball was driven into the panthers 18yrd box from the left hand side Danny and Fumpa in the box, defenders everywhere, wild swings at the ball from all only to see Danny prod past the keeper and keep alive hope for the lads that maybe this was going to be our day, 2-2 FT.

10mins extra time would be played to decide this game, straight from the off the boys piled forward, they now had that sense that we could win this if we maintained the momentum, 2mins into ET we forced a corner from the left hand side,  déjà vu, we were in this position last week, same corner, can he do it again, Tom steps up and curls a stunning corner in directly on top of the keeper, its going in, its going in I screamed, bang, up jumps Liam as he did against Spartans and pummelled it into the back of the net, but according to our rivals match report, it was floated in on the wind, more sour grapes im afraid anyway the line went wild, the lads immediately filled with confidence but we still needed to last out the rest of the extra time, which strangely lasted 13mins 30secs in the second half, where the three and a half mins came from, god knows, oh yes we were time wasting I believe, I saw Tom kick the ball away once, nothing else untoward, I wonder if thats why he played a full three and a half minutes over the ten allowed, 3-2 AET. Oh another fact, foul and abusive language from a Panthers player is not in the spirit of the game I wonder if thats why they had a player RED CARDED after the game had finished, hmmmm , people in glass houses, comes to mind, maybe one or two of our lads should not have reacted the way they did at the final whistle but they are still only children so excuses can be made.

If Panthers are not happy with remarks via parents after and not during the game it should be taken up between managers and not plastered on the WEB for some kind of point scoring. Another contradiction I can’t get my head around is the remark at the end of his match report, “a great game of kids football” he’s done nothing but complain all the way through his report?? In the two games we have lost have we whinged, have blamed anyone bar ourselves, NO.

Today was a great boost for the lads, it will reinforce their beliefs that they are a top team and can adapt to any type of play, today we ground out a win, it wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t stylish but we were the better team at doing it, coincidentally we are the only team that are still in every competition from the start of the season, so well done. In my opinion everyone got man of the match, especially our keeper Joe, pulling off some great saves and excellent ball handling when needed the most, well done Joe.

I would like to extend a special thank you to our new lucky mascot Steve Lawless, he rang me the other night and asked me if I wanted him to turn up, I said of course mate because he was there at the victory over Wasps in the quarters, even at 0-2 down he said, “you will win this, if you score their heads will go”, were getting you a Lions costume for next Sunday, cheers mate.

If you people don’t know, the final will see us face Heath Rangers from Runcorn, another old adversary, bring it on!!!!!!!!!! Good news as well its at home at Ryecroft.


Yours the Admin Manager

Motm  Luke Hutchinson PL

Motm Brad WKPR





                            Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Panthers U12’s

                                   Peninsula Lions 1-2 West Kirby Panthers


This game was to be the lad’s last game of the season and a chance to take the title outright, but if things were ever that easy, in our way was a team who had held us on Tuesday by 2 goals, Panthers.

That first game on Tuesday gave us a good insight into how Panthers play, and being brutally honest they don’t have many faults, Panthers needed to win today anything else was not good enough and we would take the crown but Panthers had other ideas.  The Lions going down to a 1-2 defeat was harsh to bear and a draw would have been a fair reflection of the game going on chances on goal. The Lads worked their socks off today and we should be proud of them, they have had a wonderful season.

The first half Panthers were by far the dominant team, coping with the hard conditions well and scoring on 14mins in, a goal that they didn’t have to work hard for, for the lads they seemed to be lacking a bit of composure on the ball, control of the ball and also not winning that all important first ball, each and every time the ball was banged into the Panthers half it came straight back at us, this seemed to be the story of the first half until 27mins when a half shot from Fumpa in a goalmouth scramble DID cross the line but was hooked out by a Panthers player, guess what, not given by the referee, poor decision I thought. HT 0-1.

The second half was very much like the first, Panthers dealing with the pressure well from the Lions and having much success from long balls over the top, for me there was something missing today, the commitment was there, work rate was tops, it was just that control and composure unit that didn’t click something which has won us many games in the past. Consequently on 40mins the Lions went down to another goal which again could have been avoided but not to dwell, crack on was the shout from the line there was still time enough to at least draw level, by now the lads were having a little more success within the Panthers half with Sean hitting the left goal post but nobody on hand to bury the rebound, another chance gone begging.

A corner on 55mins saw Tom curl a beauty of a ball into the net for a consolation goal 1-2, Danny got his head to it but both managers home and away agreed the ball had crossed the line before Danny connected, so sorry Danny mate !! Right up to full time the lads battled but Panthers held out well to take the 3 points, FT 1-2.

Today I felt we should have gotten something from this game, but we never, and sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say, we were beaten by a better team on the day. Brad and Liam deservedly gaining motm from home and away, great performances from both.

Because this was our last game we will now have to wait and see what results come in next week, nobody does anybody favours in football, win lose or draw, a result is a result thus affecting the table all through the season, the upshot is we are guaranteed another crack at Panthers if the pending games go Panthers way and you know what the law of averages say?

By the way that was our first home defeat in 19 months, September 17th 2011 being the last, another stat.

something wrong with my lappy today, as above.

Yours the Admin Manager

Motm  Brad PL

Motm Liam WKPR

West Kirby Panthers Red U12’s V Peninsula Lions U12’s

West Kirby Panthers Red 2-0 Peninsula Lions

West Kirby Panthers Red, sitting third in the league at the moment, league and cup champions last season, and only conceded 5 goals in the league this season, this game could have been the decider for the league if the lads had won but it was not their night tonight going down by 2 preventable, and should have been dealt with easy goals. Our first defeat of the season may I add.

The Lions started much the stronger of the two sides in the opening encounters winning most of the midfield balls and using the wings to effect but creating little in goal scoring chances, the first half was a real battle through the midfield with some really gritty football from both sides on what can only be described as a bone hard pitch, bouncing bobbling balls difficult to control for both sides.  The Lions should have gone 1-0 up on 27mins only to have Fumpa’s flick booted off the line, the panthers defence all over the shop but still managing to clear the ball, HT 0-0.

The second half started on much the same note, but 4mins in a kick from our goalie Joe should have at least had a challenge or attempt to win it before it hit the floor only for it to be lofted back into our area by a Panthers midfielder this caught the back four off guard and resulted in an easy goal which they didn’t have to work hard for, 1-0 34mins.

The Lads showed great spirit in the second half and worked their socks off, great tackles by Brad and Liam, Tom and Danny working tirelessly on the wings but they just couldn’t penetrate the Panthers defence, got to be one of the best back lines I’ve seen hardly anything getting past them, this was somewhat frustrating the lads but they kept trying as only they know how too.  Again a ball through the midfield which should have been dealt with let Panthers in for their second, I felt gutted for the lads they had worked so hard up to now and for effort on its own deserved something from this game, but that Panthers defence stood firm until the end, full time, 2-0.

I don’t want to make excuses or take anything away from an excellent Panthers performance, but at critical times we fell asleep, we didn’t win the second ball, we didn’t test Panthers goalie enough, things we will take away and concentrate on for the next game because it’s not over yet by a long chalk, we will meet Panthers at home Rycroft on Saturday and hopefully take the 3 points required to become league champions.

Hope the ref turns up this time.

Yours the Admin Manager

Motm  Brad PL

Motm Tom WKPR

West Kirby Wasps Black U12’s V Peninsula Lions U12’s

West Kirby Wasps Black 1-1 Peninsula Lions


Top of the table clash today dogged again by poor decisions, an unruly line on both sides, and parents from both lines attempting to out shout each other, AT A KIDS FOOTBALL MATCH!!!!

We all know that everyone can get caught up in the moment when decision after decision goes against you but let’s just sit back and see how the behaviour of the line can easily transfer onto the pitch with 2 of our players being booked for  dissent, that kind of behaviour won’t win us games and as refereeing decisions go, we’ll get none, we’ve got this far by being a team who can adapt to any style of play and give anyone a fair game, but sometimes the decisions don’t go your way, that’s something we’ll have to live with, BOTH LINES.

Anyway to the game in question, well in my opinion we didn’t do enough to win outright today, we were pretty flat in the first half, not winning anything in midfield, not winning the second ball never mind the first, but in saying that we managed to battle and keep the score line at 0-0, Wasps having the majority of play throughout the first half had a handful of decent chances but never capitalised and that sometimes can come back to haunt you, both Keepers Joe and Ben showing good handling of the ball when required and never afraid to come off their line and collect. HT 0-0.

Seven minutes into the second half Wasps seized on an uncharacteristic mistake in our defending, an under hit ball back to our keeper was intercepted by Wasps striker to calmly slot away, 1-0 on 37mins.  The impetus was now on the lions to get back into the game, 1-0 isn’t a great cushion and Wasps decided to drop deep instead of piling forward and looking for another to put the game out of our reach.  Frustrations were running high during the second half it seemed we could not win a decision 4 out of 5 against but we plugged on and as we know you will always get your chance the door will open at some point in time, and for Brad that’s exactly what happened on 56mins, the midfield battle which had consumed most of this game raged on and a loose ball bobbled past a Wasps player to land just right for Brad to lash a 20yrd ball toward the right-hand corner, Wasps keeper may have thought it was going wide, but to the relief of many it went straight in, this stunned the Wasps, their hope of a hard fought win had just evaporated with minutes to go.

It was like the Lions had received an electric shock, the will to win showed for the first time in what seemed like ages, the Lions now had the bit between their teeth, two cracking efforts in the dying seconds, one saved by Ben the Keeper and probably his teams saviour Sam McCabe heading off the line to deny the Lions a smash and grab victory FT 1-1.

This game was notable for numerous reasons, but what you can’t take away is the total grit and determination of both sides who I suspect have a great deal of respect for each other, more than the parents I think.

I feel Wasps maybe thinking they were hard done by in today’s draw with the Lions but both teams had their chances and a draw was the conclusion, we will take away the positives from today’s game and work on the negatives and both teams will meet again next month in what should be a game to remember for all the right reasons I hope.

Yours the Admin Manager

Motm  Kirko PL

Groves FC U12’s V Peninsula Lions U12’s

Groves FC 0-7 Peninsula Lions


Today’s game with Groves was switched to Rycroft as their pitch was deemed un-playable and a 10.00am KO was announced, I think the lads needed to go shopping for mother’s day presents, can’t see any other sensible reason.  Groves are a team that can prove difficult to break down, they put bodies behind the ball and have a couple of decent size lads who are not afraid to mix it but lack that attacking edge, and today the Lions would exploit their weaknesses fully and take 3points in a very one sided game played on a very sticky pitch.

The lads opened the score line on 7mins when a lovely curled corner from Tom went straight in without a touch from anyone, just the start we needed, an early goal, 0-1.  One minute later Danny played an excellent through ball to Sean, good ball control by him to slot it neatly away, 0-2 on 8mins.  We were now dominating the game and so early on, the passing was a joy to watch, Ellis and Danny linking up perfectly with some nice balls forward from Kirko.  12mins in and a well-placed cross from Tom landed nicely for Ellis to stroke home from close range 0-3.  We were now raining shots galore on the Grove’s goal with Fumpa coming so close a number of times, Groves offering little or none in attacking chances but were absorbing the pressure quite well and must have thought, “When are we going to get out of our half”.  Good build up from the back let Mo sneak up the pitch and cross a good ball into Sean whose ball control today was perfect given the conditions, making no mistake let fly with the left foot to make it 0-4 on 19mins.  Kirko turning provider with a lovely ball through the middle to find Fumpa, he in turn easily lobbed the keeper to make it 0-5 on 20mins.  The confidence oozed from the lads, ball control, passing, crossing, corners it seemed they could do no wrong in a game which they were totally dominating, HT 0-5.

Second half orders, much of the same please and don’t let Groves into the game at all, Tom using the space on the right wing with great effect tossed another excellent cross to Fumpa, a little lay off to Sean and claiming his hatrick making it 0-6 on 35mins.  This should have been a game of double figures today with some excellent efforts on goal from players who want to score, players who want the ball constantly, the hunger to get forward and win the game and not to concede at all, great credit to the back four conceding one corner all game and Joe tested with one shot in the entire game.  0-7 came with Fumpa and Sean completing a footballing display that wouldn’t look out of place on a prem pitch, one two, one two, slicing through the defence like a hot knife through butter, Sean was to claim his 4th goal on 52mins, the partnership between these two lads I’ve not seen equalled and surely will produce many more match winning goals.

Today in my opinion we played some of the best football I’ve seen this season against a side who didn’t come and just roll over, Groves put a hell of a lot of effort into today’s game and must be congratulated on their doggedness and fight, but as their manager said, “well deserved you played some great footy today”, another 3 points in the locker and another step towards………. I’m not going to say it, counting chickens come to mind and I’d hate to be guilty of that.  Next up our old mates Wasps, an action packed game not to be missed, don’t forget to log in next week for another thrilling match report.

Yours the Admin Manager.

Motm  Ellis PL

Motm  Sean Groves


 Peninsula Lions U12’s V Waverton

 Peninsula Lions 9-1 Waverton


A crisp morning at Rycroft and a smashing day for a game of football, Waverton were the opposition today and this being the Lions third match in 7 days would see another 3 points in the bag for the boys.

This game seemed rather flat compared to last weekend, I don’t think the adrenaline was pumping quite the same as it was last Saturday and Sunday.  Today’s game just seemed to muddle along, don’t get me wrong some great football and passing moves but just seemed to lack that cutting edge stuff the lads are capable of, but as they say, you can only beat what’s in front of you, and we did, easily.  Fumpa opened the score line on 12mins and was to claim his hatrick with goals in the 20th min and 46th min, Danny also claiming a hatrick with goals in the 26th, 29th and 48th minute of the game.  Sean coming on in the second half to also add to his season tally and bag 2 goals, 52nd and 55th minute, lastly Brad connecting sweetly just outside the 18yrd  box on the 50th minute.  A mention must go to Waverton’s keeper who pulled off some fine saves today otherwise double figures beckoned that’s not to mention the shots that just missed.

Nearly every week it seems that the goal scorers get the glory and are the main mention of the match report but I’d like to mention the tireless work of the boys who don’t always get a mention and yet without them we would not be a team.  Liam, always on hand to put that all important tackle in and win the ball back, Zak, coolest of all, never panics and always delivers, Mo, like a jack Russell never gives up and likes to get forward with the odd shot like today on 28mins great shot just palmed over by the goalie.  Kirko on the left, every right winger’s nightmare, not much gets past him, Alex who can play in a variety of different positions and does, never moans just gets on with it.  Ellis and Brad in midfield putting in the engine room work, the heart of our attack, Tom up and down the right-wing, with 4 goals off 4 corners taken.

Then there’s Joe our goalie, confident, assertive, safe hands and definitely not afraid of a 50/50 with anyone, everyone who plays for this team has a unique attribute / ability to bring to the game and this is the reason why we play so well as a team together, there are now 5 league games left to play, you are well up for the challenge to win these games and have the ability to do so, be confident, perform the only way you know how too and the spoils will be yours for the taking.

Log in for next week’s enthralling match report, Jeff like the picture mate !!

Yours the Admin Manager.

Motm  Brad PL

Motm  Danny Wav


Victoria Colts U12’s V Peninsula Lions U12’s

Victoria Colts 1-2 Peninsula lions

Wirral Cup Semi Final.


The Wirral cup semi-final was the order of the day today, and the Lions would prove worthy winners of a well fought competition with local rivals Vicky Colts,  we had played Colts twice before in friendlies and the Colts coming out on top, but to reiterate a remark from a friend, you don’t win cups or get points from friendlies. Very True.

Defeat was not on the cards today at the Plymyards, right from the start the lads were pressing forward not allowing the Colts any time on the ball, we were winning nearly all challenges and second balls, Liam, Zak, Kirko and Alex all looked comfortable at the back, the midfield of Ellis, Cheesy (back from a lay off) using the space well, Tom right and Danny left attacking wingers coupled with Fumpa and Sean the strikers and last but not least Joe our goalie, safest pair of hands around.  The deadlock was to be broke in the 14th minute, Tom picking the ball just past the halfway line, a great run past the midfielder and dummying the defender put a perfect cross into Sean standing 3yrds off the goal line, right to his left boot, two touches and it’s in, no panic whatsoever, 0-1.  We now had the majority of possession and attacking chances with Danny making some great runs through the Colts defence but we couldn’t break down the Colts back line, they stood up to the pressure really well, HT 0-1.

The second half started more or less were the 1st half had left off, the lads on the attack, but there was more of an urgency from the Colts in this half playing some nice football in the build ups but lacking in the final 3rd, the Lions line up had now changed with Cheesy coming off and Danny switching to centre mid, Alex onto the left wing and Mo right back. The game was now becoming more frantic with the Colts eager to level the score and the Lions defending resolutely, we found ourselves under some serious pressure but great credit to the lads they kept their heads and kept repelling the advances of the colts, Scott was now to come on for Mo who had taken a knock, another very able defender who never panics under pressure.  57mins in and the Colts losing the ball in midfield after an attacking move went wrong, Ellis played a beaut of a ball through to Fumpa for him to race past the defenders who had marked him so closely all game , round the keeper and slot home the second goal of the game, 0-2.  Now we could breathe more easily, or could we, on 59mins the Colts scored a consolation goal 1-2, I don’t know what happened there but surely there was not enough time left for them to equalise, the stop watch said 30mins 30secs but when asked of the ref how long? he replied 4mins, what!!! Where did the extra 4mins come from, anyway we would hold on for a well-earned win and the roar from the line could be heard in Wallasey.

A great game of football played by two top teams today, definitely a game of two half’s, the Colts having their chances and the Lions taking their chances was maybe the difference, plus some dour determination by the boys not to let the Colts back into the game.

This win now takes us to the final, and West Kirby Wasps will be our opponents, definitely a game to savour, will the mighty orange machine “run out of juice” will the Lions “maul their opponents”, watch this space for more compelling football write ups in the near future.

Yours The Admin Manager.

PL motm Danny

VC motm Danny

E’Port U12’s V Peninsula Lions U12’s

E’Port 1-5 Peninsula Lions

Not thinking of tomorrow’s game the Lions faced E’Port Town today in a fixture that would see them remain at the top of the table with a well fought win against a side that were difficult to break down.

The game started well for the lads playing some excellent football, the passing was spot on from midfield, Brad and Ellis using the space well to deliver balls out wide to Tom on the right and Danny on the left who in turn were constantly running at the defenders.  It was all one way traffic for the first 22mins the lads pressing forward looking for the break, E’Port defending well against the attacking football of the Lions, then it came, on 22mins Tom flying down the right wing received an excellent ball from Brad in midfield, running toward goal diagonally, across the defender, only the goalie to beat, its calmly slotted away into the left-hand corner, 0-1.  E’Port had been able to soak up much of the pressure up until that goal and probably thought they could hold out for 0-0 HT, but the attack came again 2mins later 24mins, a good ball from Tom to Sean, Tom running into space dragging the E’Port line out of shape gave Sean enough space to take a few touches and bang a shot in from all of 24yrds out, well over the keepers head, and he’s a very good keeper by the way, by contrast our keeper Joe had hardly touched the ball, great testament to the back four Kirko, Liam, Mo & Zak allowing nothing past them, HT 0-2.

Two goals isn’t a great margin against the likes of the port and the instruction was more attacking play from the midfield, we’d had great success down the wings but the Port would surely try now and close that door, so we needed more penetrating runs through the middle.  A free kick awarded on 32mins would see Sean with a left foot screamer hit the cross bar from 25 yds. out, this was now the tempo for the next  15 or so mins, now and again the Port would venture into our half but the back four were more than equal to any threat.

48mins and Fumpa must have been thinking whens mine coming, and as they say “be patient it will come”, and it did, unluckily for Brad who hit the post with a great shot the rebound fell to Fumpa to put nicely into the bottom left, 0-3.  On a rare attack into our half the Port were awarded a free kick right over on the left-hand side a good 30yrds out, the Lad who Port Vale have an interest in stepped up to take,  and he made no mistake, a perfectly struck free kick high into the goal 50mins 1-3, unstoppable by any goalie. That lifted the Port lads a little and maybe gave them some hope, but the desire to win from the Lions was still there and now even stronger, on the attack again we forced a corner, quick thinking from Tom drew a short corner from Alex, a first time cross off Tom found the head of Fumpa who planted it firmly into the net, 1-4 51mins.

Danny had been a constant threat down the left-hand side, a good ball from Liam and he was away, carrying the ball some 30yrds around at least 3 defenders  only to taken out by the goalie, Penalty !!!

Ellis to take, bottom left, no problem 1-5, 54mins. That’s how the game finished 1-5 to the Lions, some of the football played in this game was a joy to watch, the passing impressive, the defending confidence boosting, the attacking non-stop, and what’s better than the opposition manager, (who works for Man City) paying huge complement to our great team performance and inviting us into Manchester City Academy for a game sometime in early April.  But don’t get carried away boys there is always room for improvement, all the hard work will shortly be coming to an end and you will be rewarded if you carry on with the same positive attitude and great determination.  Anyway there’s a small matter of a Wirral Cup semi-final tomorrow were we will face Victoria Colts, stiff opposition maybe but hopefully we will come through as the winners.

Motm  Mo  PL

Motm  Danny E’Port



 Peninsula Lions U12’s V Christleton New Scene

 Peninsula Lions 11-0 Christleton New Scene


Today saw the Lions overcome and overwhelm a Christleton side that provided very little resistance in the way of attack or chances on goal, thus maintaining the Lions 100% record in the league.

The game started slowly with not the greatest of momentum on a sticky bobbly pitch, some missed timed passes and tackles but the boys soon settling into their stride, Fumpa picking up the ball in midfield rode a couple of good tackles to pass wide to Alex in acres of space on the right, in a diagonal line straight for goal Alex lifted the ball over the keeper and into the net 1-0, 5mins.  On 12mins a free kick was awarded to the lions about 25yrds out, up stepped Ellis and swiftly dispatched it into the net, a well struck free kick 2-0.  6mins later Ellis was to claim his 2nd after some good possession from Fumpa and turning provider, passed to Ellis to score 3-0.  Brad very unlucky not to score in the 25th min striking the bar with a powerful shot, then 30secs later fouled in the box, Ellis was to claim his hatrick with a well taken penalty on 27mins 4-0.

Sean and Fumpa had been pretty quiet in the first half and seemed content on providing for others to score, and again Fumpa providing a nice little cross for Sean on 29mins to make it 5-0. HT.

36mins in and a well lofted corner by Sean was met by Liam towering above the defence, great header, 6-0, Joe our goalie must have been wondering, when am I going to get a kick !!  We were now camped in their half constantly attacking and probing looking for another, in some panic in the Christleton box Sean was on hand to prod home a loose ball to make it 7-0.  Luke Hutchinson scoring his first for the Lions added the 8th on 40mins, a good goal and probably more to come from him, well done.

The ball seemed to be constantly in the Christleton final third, and yet again Ellis was at hand to put his 4th away from close range to make it 9-0 on 54mins, Sean and Brad were to wind the business up with a goal apiece  to make it 11-0 on FT.

Today we showed what strength in depth we have with 6 of our goals being scored from midfielders and 1 from a defender, but all played a part in an emphatic win to keep the Lions were they deserve to be, keep up the good work boys, it’s going to get a little tougher in the coming weeks but we are all confident you can deal with whatever is in front of you.

Motm  Ellis PL

Motm  Brad CNS

Upton U12’s V Peninsula Lions U12’s

Upton 3-5 Peninsula Lions

Overnight rain had put pay to the Lions playing Upton at the Dale Camp their home ground, so the game was switched to Rycroft which was playable but only just.  We know Upton from previous meetings and the boys were told not to take anything for granted given Upton’s recent cup draw with Panthers and to treat the game with utmost respect.

No slow start today, the boys went for the jugular straight away, pressing forward into the box the ball was put to Sean’s feet, crowded off the ball and upended (possible pen), the ball fell for Cheesy to prod home from close range, 4mins, 0-1. 2mins later a good corner from Ellis and a well taken header by Sean, a good headed goal, 6mins 0-2.

Upton couldn’t get out of their half the pressure was constant from the boys, Ellis winning nearly every tackle, header and playing in some great balls from midfield, Danny constantly running at the defence like a charging rhino (JP), Danny’s hard work was to pay off on 14mins when he broke from midfield rode a couple of tackles, one from a big defender and blasted into the top left hand corner, great solo effort, excellent goal, 0-3.

Being 3 nil up gives you that sense of being in control of the game, and being totally honest at that stage we were, Upton were not offering much in attack and when they did they got no further than our back line which was solid.  On 18mins the ball went out for a corner which Sean decided to take, lofting the ball high the defenders all over the shop a headed ball backwards fell to Ellis who only had to make contact with the ball to put it in the net, chest, 0-4. HT.

Second half saw a few changes with the Upton side, maybe a few fresh legs might sway things given the very heavy playing surface, and to their credit they were now taking the game to us, they’ve got one or two very skilful midfielders and pacy defenders, but the Lions were determined to stay on top of the game and kept their shape well.  34mins and good kick by Joe landed for Alex who took it round the defender to pass a great ball to Sean, making no mistake slotting home No 5, well taken by Sean, even better ball by Alex 0-5, two passes and it’s in the net!!!!

36mins and Alex hits the bar with an excellent effort, today we should have been nearly into double figures, the chances were there but sometimes the decision was wrong, for three quarters of this game we controlled and dominated, but all credit to Upton they never gave up, 40mins in their determination paid off with a well taken goal by one of the tricky midfielders, sending Joe the wrong way and slotting into the right-hand corner, 40mins, 1-5.  For the next 15mins the play was pretty evenly matched both sides getting stuck in with some meaty tackles, Kirko solid at left back as always,  then maybe pushing up a little high we were caught napping and conceded another which should have been dealt with but well put away by Upton 2-5.

This spurred Upton into life, they had nothing to lose so all pile forward , a break by their forward, some shirt tugging, a penalty awarded, a bit harsh I thought but refs decision, 3-5 a well taken penalty.  Upton’s late rally had come too late and the Lions rode out I would say comfortable winners despite conceding 3 goals.

Today’s game proved difficult for both sides mainly because of the pitch, but both sides put in an excellent performance and must be congratulated.  As for the Lions, well, your attitude has to be one of one of the best of any footballing side I have seen, keep it up and the rewards will be yours for the taking.


Motm  Danny PL

Motm  Liam Upton


Heath Rangers 0-2 Peninsula lions

League Cup quarter final E’Port league.


Today we faced a Heath Rangers that had recently beaten Panthers Red and where in a very confident mood, we know Heath are a good team having faced them 5 times previously and the Lions coming out on top 4 of them times, we never take things for granted and always respect the opposition, but this time again the Lions would make it 5 wins out of 6 meetings with their old foe.

Illness had taken its toll on the squad in the last week or so with Cheesy out with a knee problem, Zak only playing first half and Tom off after 5mins ill, but we have strength in numbers and with a little jiggery pokery by the management we were off.

Within 2mins Fumpa came very close to opening the score line, some dodgy defending saw a loose ball which Fumpa seized on and shot just wide.  From then on the play was frantic, Heath trying constantly to penetrate our defence, and vice versa, the midfield was where this game would be won!! In the past Heath have tried to dominate us in this area with a bit of the old rough and tough stuff but we have seen it all before and can give just as good as we get. Our first came on 20mins with some gritty midfield tackles from Ellis and Brad who were superb throughout, looking for Fumpa on the right a nice ball out wide Fumpa crossed in only for the goalie to catch then spill, Sean on hand to slot into the back of the net, 0-1.

We were now getting on top but you can’t rest on a 0-1 lead so keep pressing was the touchline shout, we did, and it was telling on Heath towards the end of the half, HT 0-1.

The second half was in complete contrast to the first half, Joe our goalie had absolutely nothing to do, we were camped in Heath’s half for a full 30mins constantly looking for that goal which came on 55mins, a dire mix up between Heath’s defenders and their goalie left Sean just to left foot hoof our second into the net, 2-0.

This I think knocked the stuffing out of Heath and although they never gave up and their heads never went down I think they knew they were beaten, FT 0-2.

Today our midfield was immense, our defence solid and an altogether willingness to play for each other showed through, all the lads deserve a pat on the back for today’s performance, Heath are not an easy team to beat. Well done all.

Just to mention, a big welcome to Luke Hutchinson to the squad, who put in a good shift and will surely make a good addition to the team.


Away motm Brad

PL motm Liam

 Peninsula Lions U12’s V E’Port U12’s

Peninsula Lions 6-0 E’Port

I hope everybody, parents, players and management had a great Xmas and a great start to the new year, however it was back to business for the Lions today from where they left off half way through December, not showing any side effects from munching their way through umpteen selection boxes and turkey dinners, they strolled back to the top of the league with an emphatic win over a decent E’Port town side.

Having been found out once or twice for occasionally starting slowly the lads where given orders for a quick start, chase every ball and don’t let the Port play football, at 6mins after some excellent midfield ball control Sean laid a perfect pass through to Fumpa, defenders not able to cope with his pace and only the goalie to beat, 1-0 bottom left corner.  10mins saw Fumpa limp off injured under an awkward tackle from a Port defender, this left his oppo Sean on his own up front but with support either side from Alex left, Tom right and Danny tucked in just behind, E’Port just couldn’t get out of their half,  a constant bombardment of shots from Danny on 12mins a screamer just over the bar,  Tom on 14mins in acres of space, just wide of the post, the pressure was relentless from the Lions, midfield of Brad, Cheesy and Danny and Ellis winning every ariel ball, the back four Scott, Liam, Kirko, Zak,  ready to scoop away any threats.  E’Port had one solitary chance on 20mins but Joe off his line like a shot saved easily, the pressure continued Sean having a ball of a time up front, couldn’t do any wrong, it looked like a 1-0 job at half time until Sean played a through ball to Tom flying past the defender, drilled in to the bottom left, 34mins 2-0 HT.  We now had that 2 goal cushion, but being honest their keeper was excellent he made a number of high class saves that wouldn’t look out of place on an academy pitch.

Second half started brightly with some superb passing on a pitch that was very sticky and ball control very difficult, having that two goal lead settled the lads and they could relax a little a play some good football, Sean was proving a handful for the Port defence and on 38mins slid a great ball through to Danny who made no mistake in finding the back of the net 3-0.  We were all over the Port again, Tom having some excellent runs down the right-hand side resulting in a great effort by Danny just over the bar on 40mins, Cheesy just wide 43mins, again all credit to the Port keeper it could have been double figures.  4-0 came on 50mins with Sean on the edge of the 18yrd box taking on at least four defenders and slotting home from close range, a great solo effort and deserved.  Unfortunately whilst attending an injured Port player who came off second best in a tackle with Kirko I missed goal No 5, apparently a great volley from Cheesy off a cross by that lad again Sean. Keeper Joe had barely laid a glove on the ball the whole game and must have felt awful lonely on his own out there.

The lads looked like they had just kicked off in the first half, still full of running, still attacking, and right at the death a good shot by Danny was spilled by the goalie, in the melee that ensued little Mo came steaming in and slid the ball into the corner, I couldn’t see from where I was standing but a very vociferous line confirmed, it was MO!!!!! 6-0 FT.

A game dominated by the Lions against an E’Port side that never got going, but most importantly weren’t allowed to.  Some excellent refereeing decisions and I say that tongue in cheek, but it goes for both sides.

Well done lads, another great performance to keep a hold on that top place.

PL motm Scott

E’Port motm Sean


 Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Wasps Black U12’s


Peninsula Lions 4-3 West Kirby Wasps Black


Quarter final knock out cup E’port league


Doubts raised earlier in the week regarding this fixture going ahead because of the weather where put to one side as the lads lined up to take on West Kirby Wasps Black in the quarter final of the knock out cup, a game we had looked forward to for a some weeks, the expectations were high for the Lions having beaten Wasps in the league in a somewhat disputed game regarding some of the decisions, but that’s football and this game would have its moments for both sides.

The lions started woefully slow in the first 10mins and conceded a well struck goal by Wasps on 7 mins 0-1, Wasps where playing some excellent passing football on a very sticky pitch, we couldn’t get out of our half and we were being beaten to every ball by a team who were trying and succeeding in dominating us, but as ever we got our chance, a great run by Tom down the right hand side, across the defender and a perfect finish into the roof of the net pulled us level on 11mins.  This goal seemed to lift the lads as they now started to get back into a game that had been all Wasps so far, Tom was having  a free reign down the right hand side and was proving very difficult to deal with by the Wasps defender, maybe too much attention was being paid to Fumpa who always seemed to have two defenders marking him sometimes three, that door was sure to open again and it did on 22mins, Tom again allowed to slice a perfect cross in, a slight deflection of a defenders head 2-1, we now had a deserved lead, could we hang on to that lead ?? HT 2-1.

The orders for the second half were pretty straight forward, we’ve got the lead let’s keep it and do nothing silly, I don’t think the ref had put his whistle back in his pocket after blowing for the start and Wasps had equalised, very unlike our defence to fall asleep on the job but that’s what happened, a series of back passes through the defence, a loose ball pounced upon by Wasps saw them draw level 2-2 on 31mins.

The battle continued, and on 32mins Wasps were awarded a penalty against a player who has only conceded 1 penalty in 6yrs of football, a rather harsh decision by the ref I thought, but what comes around goes around they say. Alex Perry duly obliged for Wasps and slotted a well taken penalty away bottom left corner, 2-3.

This was an end to end game bit Like Liverpool v Newcastle some years ago, our midfield where strong under attack, the defence stood solid with Zak, Liam, Scott and Kirko all providing great clearances when needed, but we were 2-3 down and the clock ticking away, by this time we had strengthened our attack by bringing on Fump’s strike partner Sean and within minutes this paid dividends, a perfect one, two between Fumps and Sean saw the ball passed out wide to Tom who raced past the defender to slot home the equaliser on 39mins. 3-3.

Sean had a great shot on 40mins just wide of the post and on 42mins limped off after a bad tackle, the ref’s remark, “have you over stretched son” ?? This game could have gone either way it was so close, with any mistake being punished by both sides and that’s how the second half ended, extra time beckoned, both sets of lads still looked full of energy after battling for an hour on a very heavy pitch.  6mins into extra time the ball was booted long to Fumpa, the ball bounced and made contact with his hand, his hand was by his side, no attempt was made to control the ball with his hand, the two defenders marking him couldn’t peg him back, a cool ball into the right hand side gave us the lead again, I think the ref made the right decision on that occasion.

Wasps where still on the attack and had broken into our defensive area only to have the ball whipped away by Zak with what I can only say was a match winning tackle, they had come within a whisker of pulling it back, but we held on with a gritty performance. AET 4-3. Today we ground out a hard fought win against an excellent Wasps side who hadn’t been beaten in cup comps in 18 months that’s an achievement in its self, but again we showed that desire to win, that never say die attitude that’s got us to where we are now, both sets of lads deserve a pat on the back for treating us to such an excellent game of football, well done to all and commiserations to wasps on their defeat. And a happy birthday to Cheesy.


PL motm Tom & Kirko


WKWB motm Zak


Peninsula Lions U12’s 2-1 FC Spartans U12’s

Wirral Cup quarter final.

Today Peninsula Lions maintained their 100% record in all competitions with a 2-1 win in the Wirral Cup quarter finals over FC Spartans.

Spartans one of only two teams unbeaten this season in the Wallasey league faced the Lions today and what a game it turned out to be, on a pitch that a mule would struggle to run on they played out an excellent game of football and lots of mutual respect thrown in.  The game started in the usual way with the lads driving forward and forcing a corner on 12mins, a good corner from Tom and Ellis heading inches past the post, was that to be the trend? Tom was getting some good openings on the right and making good use of his pace on the sticky ground, a good ball from Cheesy sent him on his way and a great shot from just outside the box going 6 inches wide of the angle 14mins, the lions where getting the better of Spartans in the early stages of the first half, again Danny with a nice overhead volley on 17mins, but nothing really to trouble the Spartans goalie.

The Lions kept up the attacking football we are used to seeing and Spartans defended resolutely, they get men behind the ball and are very hard to break down, any Spartan attack in the first half was quickly dealt with by Liam and Kirko, with Zak and Mo also on hand to help out, but most of the action was in midfield Cheesy spraying the ball left and right with good precision finding Tom on the right and Danny on the left, the wingers where getting left alone because Fumpa had three defenders marking him, but somehow he managed to round his marker and head straight for goal, one on one with the goalie, he shot wide on 29mins, excuses for Fumpa, he’s not feeling too well, normally it would be nailed on. HT 0-0.

Second half started with Spartans piling the pressure on and playing some good passing football and we found ourselves having to dig deep and defend, after some good attacking football the ball went out for a Lions goal kick, a kick that was unusually low and without the power landed straight in the midriff of a Spartans player, two passes and the ball was lofted over an anxious Joe into the net, 0-1 on 40mins, the Spartans line erupted, the Lions only looked at each other as if to say, come on lets have it!!!!!

That goal should have spurred Spartans on but the Lions only know one way and that’s forward, Ellis and Cheesy working tirelessly in midfield trying to win every header, every tackle and every second ball, this was beginning to pay off as we had overcome the Spartans onslaught and where now attacking again in numbers, a corner on 48mins saw Tom send a beaut in right on the button, Liam towering above all sent the ball into the net, excellent header, 1-1, this time the Lion’s support erupted like a volcano, all to play for again, the momentum was with the Lions now but still respecting the fact that Spartans are well capable of a counter attack, stay solid at the back was the order.  On 52mins another corner from the opposite side saw Tom kick and accidently slip not getting the required height and pace on the ball but still managing to get it into the box, and as luck may have it Cheesy pounced on the ball to smash it into the net, 53mins, 1-2. Another eruption followed and the people in the houses alongside the pitch must have thought it was a cup final, the last 7mins seemed to go on for an hour with everyone praying for the final whistle, the lads had done enough in my book to be the winners, nothing biased but we definitely had the edge today, we attacked well, the midfield worked like hell to win every ball, we defended like we know how and as a unit we made no mistakes, all credit goes to Spartans for giving us such a hard game, we will remember and learn from this encounter and will more than likely meet again in the future.  Would love to see this fixture on a summer surface, food for thought.

Stu and JP can’t say enough about the great team performance today everybody played their part and excelled doing so, as a team you have to be proud of yourselves, well done Peninsula Lions.

PL motm Liam

FCS motm Cheesy

As a parent/guardian of a Lion

Positive encouragement for all Peninsula Lions players not just your child.
NO COACHING FROM THE SIDELINES, this can be confusing for the players, also we as coaches look for the players themselves to see and learn from their own mistakes
The coaching staff inform the players what to do with a mistake “recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it”.
Remember your children are playing for enjoyment of the game, keep it that way!
Helping out in anyway whether putting goals up for training to taking down of nets on match day can be of great help.

It is important that we abide by our own rules therefore setting a good example to our children. Stu / JP.

Peninsula Lions 9-1 Neston Nomads

With our quarter final looming on Sunday with FC Spartans this game was a good run out for the lads, a chance to stretch the legs and boost the confidence for Sunday. The pitch again not as bad but very similar to 2 weeks ago, wet and very sticky, the kind of pitch when you make a 3 yrd pass it has to be struck like a 6 yrd pass, that we would find out later in the game.

We started well passing the ball around midfield and a superb ball from Brad to Danny around the keeper it’s in 4mins, 1-0. On 13mins a great cross from Ellis found Tom just on the edge of the box, shouts for “off side” from their line, as always we play to the whistle, a nice angled shot 2-0, 13mins. The game was so one sided throughout the next 13mins shots constantly being hit but the keeper doing his job, albeit most where hit straight at him surely the pressure would tell, so many missed opportunities.

26mins a well struck corner by Tom met by Brad, great header 3-0, the lads where so much in control of this game, Liam, Kirko, Zak, and Mo all providing the midfield with excellent back up, nobody getting past them at all, Joe, mearly a spectator, I think he had one kick of the ball in the first half, Thomas giving their left back a nightmare of a time, Alex a constant threat down the left. HT 3-0.

Then came the second half demolition, and on came Sean, that lad can score goals, within a spate of 14mins he scored 5 goals !!!! 35mins a side foot tap in of a free kick 4-0, 41mins some neat play between him and his strike partner Fumpa 5-0, and on 43 mins a goal that wouldn’t look out of place on a premiership pitch, a left foot strike on the turn nearly taking the roof out of the net, one of the best goals I’ve seen for a while 6-0. Then again on 47 mins Ellis to Brad good through ball to Sean, bang its in 7-0, the constant pressure on Neston was telling their heads going down every time we scored, Cheesy making some good runs into the box latched onto a good header only to be headed of the line by Neston and straight onto Sean’s nugget, get in number five, 49mins 8-0.

Brad had an excellent thumper of a shot saved by the keeper on 51mins, then tending to take our foot off the gas a little at this stage the defence made a pass back to our goalie Joe but as I said earlier about putting a bit of pace on the ball because of the sticky conditions it sold Joe a little short and Jack Harvey scored for Neston, all credit to him he took it well, 8-1.

Fumpa by now was chomping at the bit desperate to get on the scorsheet and he duly obliged on 57mins, after some good movement between himself and Sean he added to the tally 9-1, Liam not to be denied had a rasper of a shot that just went wide on 58mins, but the game ended 9-1.

Today we showed again we are very adaptable as regards of playing on poor surfaces, we rested key players during the game and still came out comfortable winners, we have strength in depth and a great team ethic, we play for each other, well done lads, played 8 won 8, and a 100% record.

PL Motm, Brad

NN Motm, Tom


Heath Rangers 1-4 Peninsula Lions

As with previous meetings we’ve had with Heath Rangers we knew things would never be easy and controversy would never be far away. First of all we needed to master how to play football on a pitch with grass that looked like it hadn’t been mowed since August, today stylish football would be impossible for that reason, but the lads tried fair play to them. 4mins into the game some neat moves between Danny and Sean let Fumpa in to hook a great ball over the keeper and into the net, 1-0. The first half had plenty of half chances for the Lions and very few for Heath as both matched each other for possession in midfield, and both teams having trouble trying to string together 3 or more passes on the long grass HT 1-0.

A change of tactics was required for the second half with a bit more commitment required to force the game toward Heath, more pace on the ball when passing and dig in when required. 34mins and Heath had equalised a decent goal but against the run of play, this is usually the point when the lads realise “game on” and start getting stuck in, the clock was ticking away and the constant battle continued with neither side letting up, but as we’ve seen before Heath started to tire mentally in the latter part of the game committing silly fouls and getting frustrated with themselves, this to our advantage as has happened before, time to capitalise, an excellent ball from Kirko into the 6yrd box and a slight touch from the head of Fumpa gave us the lead, 2-1 on 50mins. A silly foul, a free kick, a goal, Ellis on hand this time to pile the misery on to Heath, a well struck free kick, the goalie spilled it, its in 3-1 on 53mins, and on 57mins Fumpa being the provider this time with a nice cross finding his strike partner Sean for a bottom left, side foot tap in 4-1. FT.

This game was a great test for the lads today, they had to adapt to an awful pitch, play a side who are, I would say one of the top teams, and disregard any attempts to wind them up with bad language etc, and once again they let their football do the talking. Keep it up lads you’re a credit to your parents and coaches.

As a parent/guardian of a Lion

Positive encouragement for all Peninsula Lions players not just your child.
NO COACHING FROM THE SIDELINES, this can be confusing for the players, also we as coaches look for the players themselves to see and learn from their own mistakes
The coaching staff inform the players what to do with a mistake “recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it”.
Remember your children are playing for enjoyment of the game, keep it that way!
Helping out in anyway whether putting goals up for training to taking down of nets on match day can be of great help.

PL Motm Kirko

HR Motm Fumpa

 Peninsula Lions 5 – 1 Groves FC

On a morning which saw all mini soccer games at Rycroft called off because of poor conditions the decision was made to play the game, it was 50/50 just about playable. Also no referee, so the management made the grand gesture to hand that job to Groves’s management thus taking away any bias.  Groves are a team we had met the previous season on two occasions once in the league once in the cup with the Lions coming out on top in both games, albeit close fought games. Orders from the start was to attack but stay tight at the back, this we did and spent the first 10mins camped in the Groves half, their defence stood up quite well to the constant probing , cross balls and runs from Fumpa and Sean.  Groves offered little in return in regards of attacking football in the first half with Liam, Zak, Kirko and Mo controlling the final third and making only two back passes to our goalie to clear. The lads kept up the constant pressure towards the end of the first half with some good balls from midfield Danny also looking a constant threat with some good runs toward goal, then with about 1 minute to go Groves goalie spilled an easy catch which saw Cheesy racing in from 20yds whip it from under the goalie and into the back of the net. HT 1-0.

Given the pitch surface it was easy to forgive the lads for the lack of free flowing football we are used to playing, but we have shown on many occasions that we can adapt to any situation.  Second half saw Brad and Scott introduced into the fray definitely changing the tempo of the game, kicking up hill now we seemed to have that better mentality than the first half stringing more passes together and playing the better football, but fair play to Groves they dug in and kept denying us that all important two goal cushion. A great run from Tom down the right-hand side forced a corner on 36mins, great delivery from Tom and a header to match from the captain, Cheesy. 2-0. The game had improved immensely now and Groves where starting to tire, Tom still managing to gallop through the mud was putting in some lovely crosses with pace and on 45mins the ball from a cross found Alex who had no problem finding the back of the net from 15yrds out 3-0.  Groves defence was now getting the run round Tom getting down the right-hand side again and whipping in a great ball to find Fumpa on 47mins, 4-0.  Great testament to the Lions their fitness now showing through they were still full of running on a pitch that would sap the strength from a horse.

On 51mins our defence had pushed up a few yards and a ball out to one of their front men who was clearly offside managed a bouncing ball over our goalie, 4-1.  Still the lions who you would have thought where 4-1 down kept pilling forward, Sean constantly probing looking for a way through. Another great ball from Tom out wide latched onto by Danny on 59mins made it 5-1 and that’s how it finished. This was a game that was never going to be a high scoring event, we knew Groves would not fold easy, they have some big lads in their side who can soak up the pressure, but our mentality, team performance and determination was the deciding factor today, congratulations to Danny getting on the score sheet, coming back to form mate, and a great captains performance from Cheesy always in the thick of it.


PL Motm  Cheesy

GFC Motm  Sean


 Peninsula Lions 14 – 0 Princes Villa


The management elected to start the game with a full strength “pride” today and after bagging 6 goals within the first 18mins decided to play with 9 men against Princes Villa. Not being disrespectful to the opposition we could have played with 8 men and still won with plenty in hand, most spent long spells on the side lines like hungry lions waiting to devour the opposition, HT 9-0.

Fumpa 1, Cheesy 1, Tom 3, Brad 1, Scott 1, Sean 2.

2nd half the Lions continued to maul their opponents,

Liam 1, Cheesy 1, Ellis 1, Mo 1, Sean 1.

Nine individual goal scorers today and two hatricks to boot, as they say you can only beat what’s put in front of you and fair play to Princes Villa for at least giving it a go, but the Lions “roar” into the next round without breaking a sweat.

PL Motm  Sean

P V Motm  Mo


AFC Waverton 1 Peninsula Lions 8


For those of you who appreciate stats, this game was a mirror image of last season’s fixture, the only difference is we played Waverton on the 5th November and yes we beat them 8-1.

A good start was required today as Waverton have proved looking at previous games they can put the ball in the net against some of the better teams. The lads settled pretty quickly and with some excellent passing moves Fumpa was soon on the score sheet at 8mins 0-1.  Both teams where having decent spells of possession in midfield but not much happening in the final third with over hit passes through midfield giving Sean and Fumpa to much to do, on 15mins saw the introduction of Cheesy and within seconds had taken a good ball onto his chest, turned and placed a nice volley into the net, 16mins, 0-2.  A bouncing ball over the defence caught out the keeper with Sean getting up to head over and into the net, a cheeky little header though!! 20mins, 0-3.  A good move by Waverton in midfield caught out our defensive line and some good passing gave them the chance to pull one back, which they duly did, a well worked goal, 1-3 on 23mins, the half ran out at that score, but towards the end the balance was shifting in favour of the Lions. HT 1-3.

4mins into the second half a weak goal kick from Waverton was latched onto by Tom and passed straight to Fumpa, who making no mistake booted in his 2nd of the game, 1-4.  The lions where now beginning to dominate the midfield with Cheesy and Brad playing some nice balls out wide, the defensive back line, Liam, Zak, Mo and Kirko looked very confident and Joe much of a spectator, so more goals where inevitable, 16mins into the second half Sean hit a lovely strike from outside the box, the keeper only managing to parry into the net, 1-5.  A well taken corner by Tom landed nice for Fumpa on 22mins, it was on the cards, 1-6.  A tactical shift by JP saw Alex being brought over to the right wing and Tom over to the left, and within minutes it had paid off, again excellent play from midfield got Tom running down the left flank, cut in and lift a nice right footer up and over the goalie, 24mins, 1-7.  And Sean not to be denied his hatrick, and he was trying so hard got his rewards on 29mins with a perfectly struck drive from outside the box 1-8.  All credit to Waverton the score line probably doesn’t do them justice because they were decent opponents and the game wasn’t as easy as the score line suggests.

Great team effort today, 2 strikers a hatrick each, 2 individual goals, but none of this would have happened without everybody playing their parts and most importantly playing together as a team, no matter what your contribution is, it’s important. Keep it up lads!!!

PL Motm  Brad

AFC W Motm Sean

Christleton New Scene 1 Peninsula Lions 12

Orders for the game were same as usual, defend, dominate the midfield and attack, 4mins in a lucky nod down from Fumpa gave Alex the chance to open the scoring in favour of the lions 1-0.  10mins later a well taken corner from Tom gave Cheesy chance to head in from close range 2-0.  The start was uncharacteristically slow for this game, the momentum didn’t seem to carry through from last week’s game with Wasps, maybe a touch of complacency, I don’t know, but a mind-set we must not let creep in.  On 24mins Christleton seized on the opportunity to grab a goal owing to some very poor communication between the back 4, must admit a well taken goal as well, 2-1.

Hopefully this would spur the lads into action, and within 3mins Fumpa fouled in the area a penalty was awarded, Ellis stepped up, goalie saves but the rebound falls to Brad who made no mistake, 3-1, 2mins later Brad again adding to his tally a well taken shot from just outside the area, 4-1, HT.

Hairdryer time !! As with the other two Wirral teams everybody wants to beat us or at least take a point, we can’t let that happen, we must dominate these games, and a better 2nd half performance was the order from Stu & JP.

On a more positive note, a common theme in the second half was shots from outside the box, 7mins in a great drive from Cheesy from distance made it 5-1, 12mins on Kirko from distance again 6-1, confidence was growing now and the football followed, Alex saw the opportunity to switch play from left wing to right wing finding Tom perfectly placed to knock in from just inside the 18yrd box, 7-1.  The midfield seemed very congested at times with both sides winning and losing the ball constantly, but the Lions defence stood firmly letting Liam stride forward to loft a perfectly struck ball over the keeper, 8-1.  The pressure was telling on Christleton now but fair play to them notably their defender marking Fumpa, he never left his side, they weren’t going to give up easily.  Our passing through the defence to the midfield was catching Christleton out now and the earlier shout of “more shots from outside the box” was taking effect, another good corner from Tom saw Brad head in his third, well deserved hatrick, 9-1.  Ellis having earlier failed to convert a penalty made no mistake this time hitting a steamer from 25 yrds on 23mins, 10-1, and Fumpa finally managed to escape his marker and make it 11-1 on 25mins, a quite game by his standards. Finally Liam on 27mins made it 12-1 another good strike from distance rounding off a good performance by the Lions. Christleton had their chances I must admit and have couple of decent kids in their side, but the Lions proved far too strong an opponent today.


PL motm Brad

CNS motm Liam


 Peninsula Lions U12’s V West Kirby Wasps Black U12’s

Peninsula Lions 3-1 West Kirby Wasps Black

I’m not going to bang the drum about this game, the game had the chance to be an excellent top of the table clash but for reasons I’m not allowed to put to print I’ll say nothing, you all know, there are too many talking points for both sides.

Both teams where seriously up for this one, WKWB unbeaten in league games for 18 months, and the lions eager to show we are a top side and to be respected as such, and showing two recent friendly wins over WKWB where not just lucky.

Managers orders, “straight in and at em” WKWB where a little slow off the mark in the first 10mins and some slack defending saw Alex nod a nice little ball for guess who, Fumpa to prod straight into the back of the net at 7mins 1-0. We were very dominant in the midfield with Cheesy playing an excellent captains roll taking command and playing some good balls through to the front men, Ellis as usual winning the all-important headers.

On 20mins there was a nailed on penalty, Fumpa dragged from behind, surely??? No not given, then a good break by WKWB down the right flank to find a man a mile offside struck into the back of the net goal 1-1, given??? Unbelievable.

It was to get even worse throughout the game, on 27mins we won a corner, Kirko to take, after some ping pong heading in the WKWB 18yrd box and a claim against us for handball, the ball fell for Thomas on his left peg, making no mistake thumped it straight into the top of the net 2-1 on 27mins. HT.

2nd half we started a little subdued and there didn’t seem that all out determination of the 1st half, on the other hand WKWB came out in the with some real determination and occupied our half for long spells, but couldn’t break down the solid midfield and a brick wall of a defence, with Liam playing a massive part and suffering a clash of heads with Alex taking him out of play for a while.

10 mins into the second half whilst under some considerable pressure from WKWB who were desperately trying to peg us back, a long ball from midfield to Fumpa saw him flanked by at least 4 defenders only to get clear with some nifty footwork and hit an angled shot into the net, a brilliant solo effort by Fumpa and some very poor defending by WKWB.

For all their probing, attacking, and good football WKWB had very few chances on goal which was surprising as they are a very compact team and play excellent football, but fair play to them they kept the pressure up until the final whistle and their heads never went down all through the game.  But the spoils belonged to the Lions today, better in every department than WKWB and ran out deserved winners justifying the claim “we are a top team”, not just a bunch of “half decent lads”, a great all round effort by everybody. Special mention to Liam coming back to the field of play after an awful clash of heads and putting in some great challenges, brave lad.

PL motm Liam

WKWB motm Cheesy.

Peninsula Lions U12′s V Upton (Wirral)

SCORE: Peninsula Lions 8 Upton (Wirral) 2

This was the first round of the Wirral Cup and Peninsula Lions made a comfortable entry into the next round by beating Upton convincingly in a very one sided game, 4 mins in and a through ball from midfield latched onto by Fumpa 1-0. 10 mins later a free kick was awarded just outside the area, Ellis pinged a nice ball in, a few legs lashed out but nobody managed to connect and the ball bounced nicely into the back of the net 2-0.

A good strike from Tom just on the 18yrd box brought a good save from their keeper on 18 mins, the lads had settled into their stride and the defensive back line looked comfortable. Good work from Danny in midfield who slotted a nice ball to Fumpa, 3-0 with 25 mins gone, 2mins later Fumpa again making it 4-0 and on 29 mins sean was not to be denied with a great shot from the edge of the box 5-0, half time.

Upton still kept plugging on and all credit to them for not folding, a corner 11mins into the 2nd half saw Tom lift the ball into the goal mouth for Cheesy to knock in 6-0.  At 18 mins a cross from Tom and Sean had his 2nd in the net 7-0.  Upton still trying to penetrate our defence got lucky this time and a well taken goal put the score line at 7-1, up until then Joe our goalie had been a spectator, were we taking our foot of the gas a bit ?? At 24 mins Kirko made a crunching tackle just inside the box, hurting himself in the process and the referee having no hesitation in pointing to the spot, 7-2.

With time running out Upton where piling forward leaving themselves open at the back and short in numbers, a poor kick from their goalie landed just right for Ellis to thump it over the goalie who hadn’t managed to retreat back to his line, typical midfielders goal 8-2, full time.
Well done to Upton they never gave up and where worthy opponents, but Peninsula Lions where the better team on the day and deserved the win.

A good performance by the lads but I’ve seen better, this game seemed to lack that usual “on the edge of your seat” stuff, but a win is a win and we will be happy with that.

Motm Home Sean

Motm away Fumpa


Peninsula Lions U12’2 V Upton (Chester)

SCORE: Peninsula Lions 6 Upton (Chester) 1

This was our first home game of the season at Rycroft and Upton from Chester the opponents, another team we had played the previous season and beaten, but all credit to them a team who had  given us a decent game home and away.  The game started as normal, but within 2 mins we suddenly found ourselves 1-0 down, a quick break down the righthand side saw our defence scamper for the ball, Joe quickly off his line to be caught out by a ball in from behind 0-1. That was the WAKE UP call we required, within 5mins we had won a free kick about 7yrds outside their area, up stepped Zak, and being honest I had already jotted 1-1 in my book, he duly obliged 1-1 , that lad has an eye for goal.  Ellis was in control in midfield winning some great headers and forcing the pace, then finding Fumpa who’s pace the defence couldn’t deal with slotted home on 15mins 2-1.

We were now beginning to gain the upper hand but Upton still threatened and some good play by their No7 through midfield and some good strong defending from the rear saw one or two interventions by the referee.
22mins saw an excellent shot by Cheesy just over the bar, again great work from Ellis in midfield in the assist.
6 mins to go saw Danny create an excellent chance for Fumpa, 3-1 good gaol. Upton then started to pressurize our defence some good attacking advances but the back line held well repelling all. Again, our midfield excellent in winning the ball, through to Fumpa by the way his hatrick, well taken 4-1. HT.

2nd half started much the same but there was an air of confidence amongst the lads but at the same time paying a little respect to Upton who still threatened and could have added to their score line only for some resolute defending by the Lions back line Liam, Zak, Brad, Mo & Scott. 5-1 saw Tom neatly place the ball in the net from a good cross from the left by Sean, on 15 mins Alex added to the tally with a great strike from outside the area to make it 6-1, the lads kept the pressure up for the last 15mins and Cheesy going close again unlucky not to score today. Last but not least our goal keeper Joe dealt with some really tricky back passes today clearing all with no problem and kept goal with relative ease and the odd tackle to boot, it shows confidence in the keeper when the defenders pass back and let the keeper deal with it.
As we have done today we need to keep up the good work, we have the spirit, the fight, the strength, the rewards will come. Well done to all.

Motm Home Fumpa

Motm away Cheesy.

Princes Villa V Peninsula Lions U12’s

SCORE: Princes Villa 0 Peninsula Lions 17

The first game of the season saw the lads face Princes Villa from E’Port, a team who we had faced in last season’s fixture and beaten soundly 15-1.

Today we were without our goal keeper Joe who was rested so fair play to Kirko for volunteering to play in goal, probably the easiest hour he’s played for a long time.  KO 10.00am after 49secs good cross from Tom, ball in the back of the net claimed by Cheesy 1-0, on 5mins good ball from Cheesy to Tom 2-0.

7 mins into the game a through ball from Scott saw Alex plant the ball in the net 3-0, there was only going to be one winner of this game.

A good move within the midfield saw Fumpa on his way goal bound only to be brought down in the area, the line wasn’t sure and nobody shouted for a penalty but the ref pointed to the spot, Sean stepped up and made it 4-0.

The back four Liam, Zak, Scott & George weren’t tested very much today which gave them confidence to press forward at times and test their striking skills, Liam with a good effort from distance at 19 mins  and Scott on 22 mins forcing a good save from their keeper.  On 27 mins the ball won by Cheesy in midfield put wide to Tom who just managed to loop the ball back in to land at Brad’s feet, wallop its in 5-0.  Villa KO, Danny straight in on the ball, bad mistake by Villa midfield, Danny rounded the defender 6-0, a minute later 7-0 Sean on hand to slot the ball home from a midfield cross.  We were camped in their half by now Kirko seeing absolutely nothing of the ball, our midfield sweeping everything up coming their way.  More good work through the defence, to midfield up to Sean again 8-0, 29 mins saw Tom hit the crossbar the ball bounced out and just happened to land right for Liam one touch bang it’s in 9-0

2nd half team talk was to try and get the lads to change the momentum of the game and just keep possession, play the passing game, we weren’t going to be beaten, the order was followed and some excellent football followed for about 10 mins, then more of the same, Alex 10-0 off Tom’s corner, Alex 11-0 Tom’s cross, Alex great header off a Fumpa cross, Cheesy 12-0 Tom’s cross, a good strike from Ellis 13-0 from a nod down from Sean, Fumpa as yet not on the score sheet, unusual, but good passing move from the defence through the midfield got Fumpa on a run, a nutmeg on the goalie 14-0.  Goal number 15 came soon after, Fumpa again a good strike from the edge of the box, by this time the crosses where coming in thick and fast from Danny and Ellis, Sean again 16-0 good cross from Ellis, a tactical change then saw No 17 through Mo being pushed up front, a very unselfish ball from Fumpa saw Mo neatly place the ball in the net with 30 secs to go. A very good start to the season with 10 players getting on the scorecard which shows we have the capability from all areas of the team, but let’s not get carried away with this win, times will get harder and we won’t be able to charge forward in numbers against the better teams, we need to concentrate on our possession, passing and communication with each other, well done to everyone.

Score line 0-17

Pitch poor 2/10

Referee 8/10 no issues let the game run smoothly.

MOTM for Peninsula, Alex

MOTM from Villa, Fumpa


Peninsula Lions U12’s v Peninsula Stars U13’s


This would be the final game of our pre-season matches, and we hadn’t disappointed all through the summer months winning 3 tournaments outright and getting to the semis in two others.  The boys where in a confident mood and so they should be, but now their task was to beat a team a year their senior and they must have thought “the size of dem”.  The game started with some neat footwork and good balls from Alex down the left hand side, we were matching the U13’s for possession and pace in the opening minutes of the game, then wallop they hit the crossbar with a thumping shot 7mins into the game, our defence stood firm and managed to weather the storm and clear the ball away, the boys knew straight away this wasn’t going to be easy, they were big lads who could hit a ball and tackled hard.

Within the first 15mins we had a few players down from hefty tackles and to be fair good tackles, the difference showed in the physical part of the game but as the boys have shown in the past they can give as good as they get. We came under pressure a few times at the back but Liam and Brad were a match for them with Mo and Kirko also getting the all-important tackles in.

14mins in we conceded a goal from a shot outside the area, all credit to them not a bad goal from distance, a defensive lapse, but there hadn’t been many up till now, more great defending again from the back 4 helped by midfield, we were under pressure again, at 16mins  the pressure from the u13’s paid off, a simple tap in 2-0, but the lads have been in this situation before and it doesn’t faze them they just dig deeper and never let the heads go down. Another crunching tackle on 20mins, George off Scott on, just on half time Kirko took the ball full on in the face, Kirko off Sean on, HT at last the lads must have thought.

2nd half more of the same, Tom clattered winded felt sick, off, Alex on, Cheesy some good touches from midfield yet we still lacked that precision ball out to the wingers or up to Fumpa who was very closely marked by 2 defenders, Liam came close with an excellent drive on 18mins into the 2nd half. Then some nifty footwork from Fumpa drove the ball out wide to Cheesy who in turn placed a sweet cross straight onto Sean’s head, get in 2-1, the hard work was paying off, the lads where now settling into their game, then again some excellent work from the defence through the midfield, Ellis on to Fumpa on to Sean, shot, its in 2-2, we weren’t going to roll over for anyone.

Then on 25mins into the 2nd half they broke on the right, great run from their forward and a good finish made it 3-2 and that’s how it finished. The boys will surely know they have been in a game tonight and I would say probably the toughest they have had, everyone got a clattering tonight although none was meant or intentional and hopefully they will have learned something from tonight and the U13’s will appreciate that we are a team with many attributes among them courage and a never say die attitude.

Ref 7/10

Pitch 2/10 grass to long.